Thursday, February 3, 2011

What A Gal-4

                                                               Anne Francis 1930-2011

                  Anne Francis was such a breath of fresh air to watch on screen. She had this complex that made her seem even sweeter than Shirley Temple. She may not have had the extensive number of dramatic roles that other actresses had but she was an actress that represented the peppy, good-natured girl of the 1950's. At the same time she was very entrancing and had eyes that seemed to have a magnetic force. I was watching Blackboard Jungle (1955) today and thought I would research her a little and found that she died just last month. I had no clue that she had passed. When I think of her I think of drive-in movies, dungaree jeans, campy sci-fi movies, pencil skirts, and 50's rock and roll. It's easy to think she was a cookie cutter blonde by seeing her pictures but she had warmth and didn't seem to fake her personality. She seemed to make the whole duration of Forbidden Planet (1956) worth while.

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