Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teen startlets are all the same?

By the looks of these photos of Sandra Dee and Tuesday Weld it seems that the young starlets fancied the same poses. They're not that weirdly similar so it's probably just a coincidence because they were quite different people.
Sandra maintained an innocent virgin, doe-eyed appearance while Tuesday was known as a bit of a loose woman running around with various guys like Elvis Presley and typically much older men. Tuesday was under a lot of pressure from her overbearing mother to earn the family money. It seems like a ridiculously high number of stars had overbearing parents. All that stress led to a nervous breakdown and struggles with alcoholism before she was even 14 years old. Intense.
Sandra Dee had an overbearing mother as well and struggled with not only alcoholism but anorexia and depression too. She was known as the most wholesome girl in Hollywood next to Doris Day. Few people knew the real struggles in her life and she ended up dying at the age 62 due to the illnesses caused by her destructive habits. Much, much too young. I've enjoyed both of their films and admire their beauty and skill. To me they weren't just teens acting in campy movies.

Sandra Dee (above) and Tuesday Weld (below) both rocking the sideways glance.

Sandra (above) and Tuesday (below) leaning on balcony rails overlooking California views.
                                               Sandra (above) and Tuesday (below) decked out in some fancy looking fur- hooded coats.

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